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I've been an avid horror junkie for over 10 years. I suppose it's time to start documenting it.


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In 1973 the most terrifying film of all time descended upon the masses. A movie so disgusting and vile that people had heart attacks, fainted, passed out and vomited in the theater while watching. That film was The Exorcist, starring the sweet young Linda Blaire as Regan, a girl who is possessed by the demon Pazuzu after playing with a Ouija board. The Catholic Church commended it, saying that it’s accurate portrayal of demonic possession could be used as a weapon in God’s arsenal in the fight against evil. Now, The Exorcist is one of the most iconic horror films of all time and continues to terrify people the world over. 
In 1977, a sequel was commissioned to be directed by John Boorman, and written by William Goodhart. The sequel, however, was doomed from the start due to constant rewrites, the blatant rejection to return by William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty, as well as some cast members from the first film. Read on to see my thoughts on the sequel to scariest film of all time, The Exorcist II: The Heretic.

Yesterday Tumblr Pissed Me Off.

So as some of you saw, yesterday Tumblr pissed me off. This site is great for posting media, but for posting articles, reviews and news it can be a bit aggravating. When my layout was wiped out yesterday (which the site is still giving me trouble trying to put it back together) I decided to look elsewhere.

I will STILL be posting here with the same usual frequency, there will be no change in that, but I’d be stoked if you headed on over to my new home and hung out there! I will be migrating everything on here over there over the next few days, and I got it looking exactly like this one used to (so it won’t be too much of a shock to your senses).

So head on over and check it out! It’ll be filling out these next few days.

What The Hell Tumblr?

Forgive the unsightly nature of the blog right now, folks. Apparently Tumblr decided to completely delete the entire layout that I had for it, so I’m working on getting everything back up and running.

I hate this site sometimes.

I love a strong independent woman in horror. Something about it is just awesome, and I don’t mean in any sexual way. I’ve contemplated starting a review series based solely on female centric horror films, and may still do it, but Excision would be at the top of the list if I did. This movie created quite the stir last year, and after having seen it a few times, it’s easier to understand why each time you view it. It’s got the complete package: a captivating story, beautiful (and visceral) imagery, a strong lead actress fronting an equally amazing cast and a great ending.

You know what to do, this is the part where you hit that little button down below and check out the review:

(This shouldn’t necessarily need to be stated, but there are some NSFW images contained in this blog post. If you are afraid of nipples, move ahead with caution)

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Michael Cera Gets Creepy in “Magic, Magic” and It Looks AWESOME.

So this is actually the first I’m hearing about this, surprisingly enough, but Michael Cera stars in a new psychological thriller that’s being released by Sony Pictures.

Directed by Sebastian Silva, the plot is as follows: "Removed from everything she’s ever known, a young traveler finds herself surrounded by a group of strangers in the Chilean countryside. With tension rising, she must conquer her deepest fears and darkest secrets before her dreams become reality and her reality… a nightmare."

This looks pretty damn awesome to me, especially Michael Cera’s performance. Some may gripe that it’s a straight to DVD release, but hell, it’s horror. That doesn’t mean much in this genre, some of the greatest stuff never sees the light of day in movie theaters. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think! Do you think Cera will be able to carry this?

(Source: ohlandt, via methadone-glass)

Friday night I decided to take a trip to my local record/used CD and DVD store to pick up some new DVD’s to add to the collection. I stumbled across this and had to take it home. 
Let me just say, it sounds magnificent. 

Friday night I decided to take a trip to my local record/used CD and DVD store to pick up some new DVD’s to add to the collection. I stumbled across this and had to take it home. 

Let me just say, it sounds magnificent. 

Spooky Tunes - Lovecraft’s Top 10 Horror Theme Songs

I’ve said it many times before, music (or lack there-of) makes a horror film. Over the past 50 years, the horror genre has pumped out some of the most iconic film scores of all time. Songs that send chills down your spine and make you think of impending doom every time you hear their ghastly melody.

I love a good horror soundtrack, it’s a big appeal for me and something that I think modern horror has lost a sense of. In this here article, I’m going to list some of the most iconic (as well as some of my favorite) horror theme songs that you may, or may not, have heard of.

10. The Shining – Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind

What a beautifully haunting main title. As the Torrance’s little VW Bug winds its way through the jagged Rocky Mountains, we’re subjected to a collection of sounds that sound both human and supernatural. It is a perfect indication of the fear and trepidation that the film instills on its viewers as it progresses to its rocky finale.

9. The Twilight Zone – Marius Constant

This is probably the most iconic television theme song of all time. It was composed for the second season of Rod Serling’s seminal hit television show by Marius Constant and it has become a staple of many lives, mine included. Every time I hear that fantastic little jingle I get excited about whatever strange and wonderful journey I may be going on, even if seen the episode a hundred times already. You can almost see the swirling, hypnotic background when you hear it.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Charles Bernstein

Considered by Rotten Tomatoes to be one of the best films of 1984, Wes Craven’s Freddy Krueger sliced his way into horror fan’s hearts forever as one of the crudest, rudest and generally hilarious slasher villains out there. The theme is another great, haunting and melodic, and funnily enough, heavily inspired by Gary Wright’s Dreamweaver (seriously, check it out here).

7. Poltergeist (Carol Anne’s Theme) – Jerry Goldsmith

This is one of my absolute favorite themes in the horror world, because it’s the exact opposite of what you would expect with the theme for a horror film. It’s a beautiful song, and it perfectly exemplifies the sweet innocence of our protagonist, Carol Anne. It’s sweet melody, sung by a choir of children, soothes the heart in the oddest of ways and helps you realize that maybe, just maybe, everything will be alright.

6. The Omen (Ave Satani) – Jerry Goldsmith

A double-whammy for Jerry Goldsmith, then again he’s one of my favorite horror composers, this being my favorite of his compositions (however, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum). This is the theme for Damian, the son of Satan, in the amazing occult film The Omen. “Ave Satani” features a choir singing a Latin chant that translates to “We drink the blood, we eat the body, raise the body of Satan. Hail! Hail, Hail Anti-Christ! Hail Satan!” It’s dark shit, and it’s exactly what The Omen needed. I remember being immediately taken with this score when I first watched the film some 12 years ago. It played a huge part in my future fascination, and borderline (who am I even kidding) obsession with the horror genre.

5. Hellraiser – Christopher Young

Clive Barker had original commissioned a the soundtrack from his breakthrough film from the industrial band Coil, however he later rejected it. The job then fell upon the shoulders of Christopher Young, who created the eponymous theme song, and Lemarchand’s Lullaby that makes us all immediately imagine chains flying at us from all directions. I fucking LOVE this whole soundtrack, it sets up the film with a grandiose feeling of dread and wonder.  

4. Suspiria – Goblin

Suspiria is one of the most talked about horror films of all time. I feel as if I’ve always heard people referencing this film, in some way or another. It’s a fantastic film, more art house than anything, that tells the story of a young American girl who attends a prestigious dance school in Italy only to discover that it’s no mere dance school (forgive the cliché ridden summary). The reason I find this theme so intriguing (aside from the fact that it’s really just pretty damn awesome) is that it is so regularly used in pop culture references that most people probably don’t even realize they’ve heard it, and would recognize it almost immediately. Finnish rock band HIM, used it as intro music for their American tours for years, as an example.

Who made the final 3? Head inside to find out.

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REAL LIFE HORROR: Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Passes Away in San Quentin State Prison


Infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker, passed away early this morning in San Quentin State Prison in California. No other details have been released, other than that he died of “natural causes”. Prison officials state that more details will be coming. Read the initial report here at KTLA.

While I still share the news of this, I think it’s important to remember the awful things that this man did and was capable of. This is not a celebration of the man, but a reminder, we may love horror because these things are fun to think about but this man did the things that we assure ourselves are fake, so that we may sleep easy at night. Take it easy folks.

-Rg Lovecraft

Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray Release Coming Soon, Features New Commentary

Anchor Bay has announced that a Special Edition 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray Release of John Carpenter’s classic Halloweenwill be invading our horror collections very soon. What’s more, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter are doing an all new commentary for the flick.

All you Myers fans, begin your rejoicing…. now.